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Jeremy Sylvester - Garage House Masterclass (Ableton Live ) - Promotional Video

Garage House Masterclass by Jeremy Sylvester


Explore the art of Garage House production with the exclusive beginners to intermediate online masterclass led by Jeremy Sylvester, specially curated for Loop Wax. Join Jeremy as he meticulously crafts a Garage House track using Ableton Live, guiding you through the entire process from inception to completion. Gain invaluable insights into Jeremy's unique workflow, providing a deep and comprehensive understanding of the genre's creation. Don't miss this opportunity to delve into the world of Garage House production with one of its seasoned pioneers. Prior possession of Ableton Live on your computer is a prerequisite for this course. Delve into the world of garage house production using fundamental stock plugins, enhanced by the inclusion of Juno 106 and Kord M1 plugins throughout the masterclass. Elevate your music production skills with this comprehensive tutorial. The Jeremy Sylvester Garage House Masterclass is meticulously crafted, presenting a comprehensive series of online videos that meticulously guide you through every facet and nuance of crafting a phenomenal garage house track. This immersive learning experience covers essential elements such as drum programming, the art of constructing bassline synths, crafting captivating melodies, sourcing and integrating vocals with memorable hooks, incorporating effective effects, seamlessly adding cymbals, mastering the art of arrangement, introducing additional sounds for depth, executing a polished mix-down process, and mastering the final product – all accomplished within the versatile environment of Ableton Live. Unlock the secrets of garage house production and elevate your musical prowess with this masterclass.

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