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Loop Wax proudly introduces '90s Garage Tools' by Jeremy Sylvester, an extraordinary collection derived from Jeremy's personal sound arsenal, meticulously converted from his vintage Akai S3000XL sampler—a cherished tool that shaped his extensive catalog of tracks dating back to the early nineties when UK Garage first emerged.


This exclusive pack holds a distinct place in the realm of sound libraries, featuring an extensive array of drum sounds, drum loops, drum kits, speed garage drum construction kits, Old Skool chord one-shots, Nu Skool chord one-shots, basslines, FX, vocals, hits, stabs, glitches, and much more. '90s Garage Tools' marks the inception of a series of exclusive packs by Jeremy Sylvester, set to be released throughout the year exclusively on Loop Wax.


For those seeking 'RAW' underground sounds to infuse vitality into their productions, this pack is tailor-made 'WITH YOUR NAME ON IT'. Immerse yourself in the REAL underground essence of UK garage/house, delivered by one of the genre's pioneers. Jeremy Sylvester is widely recognized for his earlier productions on legendary labels such as Nice n Ripe, Deep Trouble, In the Air Records, Zest 4 Life, FX Recording, G.O.D Limited, Azuli Records, Unda Vybe Records, and many more.

This is the 'REAL DEAL'. Seize this opportunity while it's hot and craft profound underground hits designed to make bodies move!



  • 24 Kicks (24-bit WAV)
  • 7 Bass Notes
  • 3 Bonus Drum Loops - 127 BPM
  • 6 Garage/Bass Drum Loop Kits
  • 13 Garage Bits & Pieces
  • 93 Garage Chord Stabs
  • 14 Claps
  • 5 Garage FX
  • 25 Garage Hats and Cymbals
  • 36 Garage Percussion
  • 34 Garage Snares
  • 29 Vocals
  • 42 Retro One-Shot Chords
  • 11 Speed Garage Percussion


Format: 24 Bit WAV

Size: 173.7 MB (Unzipped) / 159.8 MB (Zipped)




90s Garage Tools (Jeremy Sylvester)

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