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Presenting the comprehensive contents of 90s Garage Tools Volume 8 by Jeremy Sylvester, exclusively available through Loop Wax. This royalty-free pack is meticulously crafted, featuring 666MB of 24-bit crisp drum loops, bass loops, bass notes, one shots, drum kits, vocal hooks, vocal samples, and original musical elements. All elements are set to a tempo of 126 BPM and swung to 1/16 and 1/16T quantize.


Key Features:

  • 25 Bassloops (126bpm): Authentic bass loops providing the foundation for your tracks.
  • 23 Bass Notes: Individual bass notes for creating customized basslines.
  • 26 Bass MIDI Files: MIDI files for flexible bassline customization.
  • 3 GarageHouse Drum Kits: Ready-to-use drum kits tailored for the GarageHouse genre.
  • 139 Drum Loops: Crisp and dynamic drum loops to drive your productions.
  • 103 Musical Elements: Original musical elements to enhance your compositions.
  • 26 MIDI (Musical Elements): MIDI files for creative musical flexibility.
  • 106 One Shots: Versatile one-shot samples for use in various parts of your tracks.
  • 28 Vocal Hooks: Catchy vocal hooks to add character to your music.
  • 20 Vocal Samples: Additional vocal samples for creative expression.

Produced by Jeremy Sylvester, a respected UK Garage and House producer with over 30 years in the industry, this pack is not your typical imitation but the "REAL DEAL" in authentic 90s House & Garage sounds. The drums are meticulously programmed on an MPC ONE/LIVE, capturing the essence of the old-school 90s vibe with a focus on energy, drive, and club dancefloor appeal.


This exclusive pack, available only via, provides instant download access to over 660MB of samples and more than 500 individual elements. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned producer, Jeremy Sylvester's 90s Garage Tools Volume 8 is sure to inspire and elevate your music compositions.



90s Garage Tools Volume 8 (By Jeremy Sylvester)

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