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Unlock a world of sonic richness with the 9D4 Deep House Bass, meticulously curated by the globally acclaimed producer, Jeremy Sylvester. This pack seamlessly combines high-quality audio samples with versatile MIDI files to elevate your music production experience.


For producers worldwide, this collection is a treasure trove of deep and resonant basslines that transcend genres. Dive into the essence of Deep House, where each bass element is thoughtfully crafted to add depth, warmth, and character to your compositions.


Key Features:

  • Format: Audio + MIDI
  • Curated by Jeremy Sylvester


With 100 expertly designed Deep House basslines, this pack provides an extensive palette for producers seeking authentic and inspiring sounds. Whether you're crafting melodic hooks or establishing the foundation of your track, these basslines offer both flexibility and creative freedom.

Jeremy Sylvester, renowned for his contributions to the global music scene, brings his signature touch to ensure that each bass sound resonates with the soul of Deep House. The inclusion of MIDI files further empowers producers to customize and integrate these basslines seamlessly into their projects.


Elevate your music production journey with the 9D4 Deep House Bass pack—a curated selection that transcends boundaries and sets the stage for sonic innovation.


Note: This pack is available in both audio and MIDI formats, catering to a diverse range of production preferences and workflows.







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