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We're thrilled to present something truly exceptional – a groundbreaking collaboration with Jeremy Sylvester, the prolific and pioneering producer in the Garage music scene. Renowned for his contributions to labels like Nice n Ripe, Azuli Records, Defected, and more, Jeremy Sylvester brings his signature touch to this colossal sample pack, exclusively crafted for the burgeoning Garage & Deep House movement currently dominating clubs worldwide.


This extensive sample pack is a treasure trove of Jeremy's distinctive elements – from his gritty, bumpy, and groovy drums to thunderous funky basslines that resonate deep within your soul. It features classic old-school chord patterns and riffs infused with percussive vocal grooves, evoking the nostalgic vibe of the '90s but with a modern nu-skool twist.


Loop Wax proudly introduces the first installment of its Ableton Projects series. Designed to be an invaluable resource for producers seeking insights into the professional production process in Ableton, this pack allows you to delve into the intricacies of layering, transitions, progressions, and arrangement within Ableton Live. Gain a deeper understanding of how elements like bass, drums, vocals, and chord riffs are meticulously balanced, compressed, and EQ'd. Explore the intricacies of drum construction, witness the application of NI Massive for basslines, and observe the nuanced use of compression, EQ, and balance on each channel. You'll have the opportunity to dissect and re-edit each channel to suit your creative vision, providing inspiration for your own productions in the Garage/Deep House genre.


This represents a unique opportunity to learn previously unseen techniques from Jeremy Sylvester, offering insights into the format, arrangement, and logic behind his production methods. Elevate your skills by applying these techniques to your own tracks.


Loop Wax is dedicated to delivering the finest sample packs from experienced and established producers, engineers, and sound designers worldwide.


Package Contents:

  • 4 Ableton Songs
  • 24Bit WAV Audio Stems
  • Size: 2.54 GB (Zipped) / 6.3 GB (Unzipped)
  • Requires Ableton 9.1 or above
  • Requires Korg M1 Plugin
  • Requires NI Massive 1.2.0 or above
  • For non-Ableton Suite users, 24-bit WAV audio stems are provided for every single track.




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