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Introducing "GarageHouse Tools" by Jeremy Sylvester, exclusively presented by Loop Wax. This groundbreaking sample pack is the world's first dedicated to the emerging GarageHouse sound, inspired by the early 90s underground home sounds. Jeremy Sylvester, a trailblazing DJ/Producer renowned for his contributions to legendary record labels such as Nice n Ripe Records and Azuli Records, brings his expertise to this exclusive collection.


This pack includes all the essential elements to craft explosive GarageHouse flavors, featuring 24bit WAV drum loops, one shots, vocal hooks, chord riffs, and MIDI chords for seamless integration with any DAW. All loops are set to a vibrant 126 BPM.


Whether you're seeking the distinctive "GARAGEHOUSE" sound reminiscent of labels like Urban Dubz, Pogo House Records, and Snazzy Trax, or aiming for a modern edge in your production, look no further. The pack provides a comprehensive toolkit for professional GARAGEHOUSE tracks, allowing you to mix, match, chop, and manipulate sounds to inspire your unique creations.


Versatile and adaptable, this pack extends its usability beyond GarageHouse, making it suitable for Deep House, Funky House, Jackin House, UK Garage, Tech House, mainstream dance, and more. Unleash your creativity and produce standout tracks for the dance floor.


Take advantage of this incredible offer at an exceptionally low price. Explore Jeremy Sylvester's tutorials on 90s music production via Urban Dubz Music on YouTube for additional tips and tricks.

The pack will receive regular updates with new sounds, and these additions will be promptly emailed to you by Jeremy Sylvester.



  • 73 Chord Patterns
  • 62 GarageHouse Drum Loops
  • 61 MIDI Chords
  • 90 One Shots
  • 47 Vocal Stabs









GarageHouse Tools (Vol 1) By Jeremy Sylvester

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