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Introducing "BUNDLE 03," a special 3-pack collection by Loop Wax curated by the highly influential UK Garage and House producer, DJ, and founder of "Urban Dubz" and "Garage Paradise Events," Jeremy Sylvester. This exclusive bundle offers three distinct packs, each tailored for various production needs.

Pack One: Garage Paradise Tools (Jeremy Sylvester)

  • Over 300MB of authentic samples for Garage House, Deep House, Soulful, and Classic 90s House productions.
  • Includes MPC3000 & MPCX drum loops, analog synth loops, jazz/soul-infused chord stabs, pads, and bonus vocal loops.
  • 81 Drum Loops, 92 Musical Loops, 100 One Shots, 3 Bonus Vocal Loops.
  • Available exclusively via LOOP WAX.

Pack Two: Retro - Garage House (Ableton)

  • An Ableton Live pack with FOUR full song arrangements by Jeremy Sylvester, showcasing contemporary Garage House, 90s House, Deep House & Soulful styles.
  • Allows easy remixing or deconstruction for personalized use or inspiration for new tracks.
  • 4 Garage House Songs with FULL Arrangement.
  • Available instantly via LOOP WAX.

Pack Three: 90s Garage Tools Volume 8 (By Jeremy Sylvester)

  • Loop Wax presents another volume of 90s Garage Tools by Jeremy Sylvester, offering 666MB of authentic garage & house samples.
  • Features crisp drum loops, bass loops, one shots, drum kits, vocals hooks, and original musical elements.
  • Over 660MB of samples, including 25 Bassloops, 139 Drum Loops, 103 Musical Elements, 106 One Shots, and more.
  • Available exclusively via LOOP WAX.

Jeremy Sylvester's expertise spans over 30 years in the industry, and these packs showcase his unparalleled quality and authenticity. All samples are in 24-bit WAV format, set to 126BPM, and are compatible with all DAWs. Download instantly upon purchase. This exclusive bundle is only available through LOOP WAX.





Jeremy Sylvester Garage & House Sample Pack (BUNDLE 03)

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