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Let us present to you one of the only Bruk Samples packs on the market by UK Broken Beat DJ and producer extraordinaire, Lord Byron. This pack contains some of the ruffest licks for all Producers who wish to create that Bruk sound appreciated by dancefloors the world over. Lovingly and Diligently prepare for ease of use you will find loops, hits and one-shots that will have to making that Bruk duttiness in no time at all.


Broken Beats or ‘Bruk’ as it’s commonly known as more recently in a genre of music that has morphed from many UK underground dance music styles of the early 90s. Originally created by West London, UK producers, Bugz in the Attic and IG culture to name but a few, more recently it has cemented itself as a totally unique, high-energy musical artform that encompasses such well-loved genres as UKG, Soulful House, Nu Jazz, Jazz Funk, Boogie and Latin Jazz, Roots and Culture and Drum and Bass. The scene is as culturally diverse as it is eclectic and visually, it’s often accompanied in clubs by afficionados of the Jazz-Dance scene who have taken its glitchy, syncopated beats and catchy rhythms to their hearts over the last two decades or so.


Lord Byron is a name that epitomises someone with a deep love of all things musical, a high level of skill, capability, talent and a dedication to his craft. The intuitive way he DJ’s without headphones (and sometimes with only one deck on occasion!) has been witnessed by many over the 25 years he has performed as a DJ everywhere from the UK to Croatia. This dedication has helped him garner a large, loyal fanbase who have grown to accept the no-nonsense quality of his mixes. In late 2020, he produced and released his debut album on the Tokyo dawn Label with internationally renowned Singer-songwriter Colonel Redz through their outfit called ‘Fluid One’, which is currently making big waves in the Underground. Other projects he in actively involved with included Slipmode, a multi genre collaboration with Paul H, Christian Bailey and Legendary UKG/House/Jungle producer Jeremy Sylvester on the Urban Dubz label. He is also actively in demand as a remixer with a unique sound, which can only be described as a melting pot of all the genres of music he’s absorbed, mentally and spiritually, since getting involved in music and a young age.


Many Sample Packs have been released over the years, never has there been a better time for an established or budding producer to get the assistance they need to create hits in their own studio, but THIS particular pack has a special Unique Selling Point – a selling point which to our knowledge is one of the first ,if not the THE First to incorporate a chord file pack system that presents chord samples that are split ‘according to the Circle of Fifths… The Circle of Fifths is a chart that shows mathematical relationship between chords within a certain key. It’s a tool used to create musicality within a chord progression. It’s common knowledge that not every producer has a degree in music theory so Lord Byron has made your life a lot easier by giving you all the tools you need to pull chords out at will and achieve musicality in the overall sound of the song. So, no more getting to a certain point in the track and hitting a brick wall because you don’t know how to play a chord that will communicate what you are trying to convey. Packs should enable the user to solve a problem and that was the goal that Lord Byron set out to achieve when he decided to create this.

So here it is. Lord Byron’s Bruk sample pack.


The answer to all you Dutty Bruk riddim niceness!…



Bass 1 Shots
Bass Loops
beat Loops
Chord Loops
Chord One Shots
Circle 5ths Chord Stabs
Circle 5ths Chords
Circle 5ths Major Chords
Circle 5ths Minor Chords
Circle 5ths Pads
Circle 5ths Strings
Lord P – Claps
Lord p – Cymbals
Lord P – Hats
Lord P – Kicks
Lord P – Percussion
Lord P – Snares

Size: 443.9mb Zipped


Lord Byron - Bruk Elements

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