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Introducing Retro - Garage House, an Ableton Live pack curated by Jeremy Sylvester, featuring FOUR full song arrangements in his distinctive style blending contemporary Garage House, 90s House, Deep House, and Soulful genres.

This pack provides all the individual elements of each arrangement, encompassing drum programming, chord structure, vocals, general development, EQ, and balance levels. This allows for easy remixing or deconstruction according to your preferences, serving as valuable inspiration for your original tracks.


Designed in an Ableton Live format, this pack is compatible with ALL versions of Ableton Live. Additionally, it includes ALL the WAV elements within the 'Imported Folder,' offering flexibility for your creative use.


This is an instantly downloadable product, ensuring immediate access to the content. Furthermore, free updates will be periodically applied to the pack, enhancing its value over time.

Explore and remix four Garage House songs with FULL arrangements with the Retro - Garage House pack, exclusively available for Ableton Live users.



Retro - Garage House - Ableton Live (By Jeremy Sylvester)

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