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#THROWBACK - 90s Garage Sample Pack (By Jeremy Sylvester)


Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the 90s with this colossal 90's HOUSE & GARAGE PRODUCER PACK! Uniting six of the best-selling 2016 packs into one extraordinary bundle, this collection is a treasure trove of iconic sounds that defined an era.


This bundle includes:

  • 90's Garage Tools - Volume 1 (Jeremy Sylvester)
  • 90's Garage Tools - Volume 2 (Jeremy Sylvester)
  • Deep House & Garage Tools
  • 100 Deep House Bass (Audio & Midi)
  • Speed Garage Sample Pack
  • Garage Retro - Ableton Pack (Jeremy Sylvester)


(Individually valued at OVER £130, get all six best sellers in one bundle for just £59.95). Relive the magic of the 90s and elevate your productions with this exclusive collection of timeless sounds.



#THROWBACK - 90s Garage Sample Pack (By Jeremy Sylvester)

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